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    Starfall Play - Future Buddy

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    Game Info: "Future Buddy"
    Future Buddy
    • Category: Action
      • Description: The tiny creatures from future are trapped in present by evil moss the jelly king.

        Help the future buddies to return home by helping them to reach the time machine.

        How to play:-

        You can connect the Future Buddy to the holders by clicking on both Buddy and Holder. You can cut the rope by dragging the hold down mouse over the rope and release it.

        This game contains 3 worlds. Total 60 levels. Each world contains 20 levels.

        1) The Farm House

        This world will always open

        2) The Tree House

        To unlock this world you need to collect 48 stars out of 60 from "The Farm House".

        3) The Garden

        To unlock this world you need to collect 54 stars out of 60 from "The Tree House".
      • Future Buddy is a Starfall game and one of the best game under the category of Action
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