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    Starfall Play - Super Math Adventure

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    Game Info: "Super Math Adventure"
    Super Math Adventure
    • Category: Action
      • Description: Practice Math with the help of a cow on top of a speeding train.
        Have fun and improve your math skills. Practice different types of math including addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
        The important back-story:
        While taking a walk across his farm, Mr Moomoo was surprised to find that he was being attacked by aliens. As luck would have it, he found that using his math enabled him to defeat the aliens and make the farm a safe place once more.
        Before the farm is safe, he must first take a journey on top of a speeding train and visit the alien's home planet! Nobody is sure exactly how he got there though....

        * Defeat the baddies by answering simple math questions.
        * Choose between addition, subtraction and multiplication.
        * Normal mode - just answer the questions.
        * Arcade mode - answer the questions and control Mr Moomoo. Collect bonuses for more points.
        * Cartoon graphics keep the kids interested while learning.
      • Super Math Adventure is a Starfall game and one of the best game under the category of Action
      • Instructions: Normal Mode: Use the mouse to select the answer.rnArcade Mode: Use cursor keys to move left and right. Use the mouse to select the answer.
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