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    Starfall Play - Baltimore Sandwich Shop

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    Game Info: "Baltimore Sandwich Shop"
    Baltimore Sandwich Shop
    • Category: Driving
      • Description: Baltimore Sandwich Shop is hiring people, guys! And this is not just another sandwich joint. If you are adept in handling many customers at a short span of time, without messing customer orders, no matter what crowd, you are supposed to be here.

        Extra: Who remember Funbrain?
      • Baltimore Sandwich Shop is a Starfall game and one of the best game under the category of Driving
      • Instructions: Watch the bubble over the customer head and drag the ingredients in the same order and deliver them to the customer. Mistakes are alright, but should be dragged to the bin. Keep customers happy and never miss any of them. Do collect money, from happy customers and meet the target to play the next level.
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